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How to choose the right protective gloves for yourself

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How to choose the right protective gloves for yourself


    Labor insurance gloves use a lot of materials, which are divided into the following categories: canvas; cotton; latex, rubber and other uoude labor gloves will use chemical raw materials. Cotton canvas gloves are one of the more popular warehouse jobs and one of the main labor gloves used in KBK track assembly and handling of materials, paint or optical work. When working in chemistry, we know that many of the chemical competitors are fatal. Therefore, the permeability, penetration and degradability of the protective gloves determine the protective performance and can effectively touch the chemistry. Protect our hands while you are in the product. So how do we choose the right protective gloves for ourselves?

      1. We should choose the labor gloves that suit our needs according to the size of our hands.

      2, we should choose the glove that suits you according to your work environment.

      3. No matter which type of glove you are using, you should check it in considerable detail. Once it is found to be damaged, you should replace it immediately.

      4. If you choose gloves made of synthetic rubber, the color should be very uniform, and the palm part should be thicker, but the other parts should be the same thickness.

      5. If you choose gloves made of rubber, then you should not let it be in contact with acids and other substances for a long time, but more importantly, you should not let such sharp objects touch it.

      6. Regardless of which type of work gloves you use, you should check them regularly. If damage is found, you should take appropriate measures.

      7. The sleeves should be put into the mouth of the machine during operation to prevent accidents.

      8. After use, the internal and external dirt should be wiped clean. After drying, sprinkle with talcum powder to prevent damage, and do not put it on the ground.

      9. When transporting, it should not be in contact with oleic acid or other corrosive substances, and stored outside the heat source 1M, in a dry and ventilated -15 degrees to 30 degrees, relative humidity 50 to 80 warehouse.

      10. A re-measurement of the withstand voltage performance must be performed every 6 months.





Add:Economy zone of Pingyi County,Linyi,Shandong Province,China

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