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  • The meaning of CE on protective gloves

        I believe that many users have seen a "CE" mark when using protective gloves. What does this mean? Next, let me introduce the meaning of the CE mark on the protective gloves.In the CE mark, the index 89/686/EEC for safety protectiv…
    TIME:2018-8-22 17:23:40   CLICKS:241

  • Principles for the distribution of labor insurance products

        I believe that through the introduction of the previous article, everyone should have a certain understanding of labor insurance products. In fact, there are many types of labor insurance products and their uses are different. So what are th…
    TIME:2018-8-22 17:22:55   CLICKS:195

  • How to choose the right protective gloves for yourself

        Labor insurance gloves use a lot of materials, which are divided into the following categories: canvas; cotton; latex, rubber and other uoude labor gloves will use chemical raw materials. Cotton canvas gloves are one of the more popular ware…
    TIME:2018-8-22 17:22:11   CLICKS:268

  • Precautions for using protective gloves

       Labor gloves are often exposed to the sun, not only will the surface fade, but also reduce its service life. We are also afraid of UV radiation, and these protective gloves are no exception, so after normal use, you can put them in a cool pla…
    TIME:2018-8-22 17:21:29   CLICKS:54

  • Instructions for using protective gloves

        The hand is the part with the highest rate of injury to the human body and the part that needs the most protection. The construction of hands with both hands should pay special attention to the protection measures. The use of labor protectio…
    TIME:2018-8-22 17:20:58   CLICKS:50






Add:Economy zone of Pingyi County,Linyi,Shandong Province,China

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